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You’re a company in need of its first ever brand campaign.

Your performance marketing and SoMe is working well and you’re really good at doing that yourself.

And you want your brand campaigns to be just as good.

That’s why you’re here.

We are an ad agency specialized in creating brand communication for first-time clients.

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Dedoles – Knock-You-Off-Your-Socks Effectiveness

One of the clients who hired us to help create them a media-neutral long-term creative concept for all their future brand communication.

Already on launch day, the campaign brought 1,000 new unique visitors to the website; +300% vs. usual averages. But sales, that’s what we care about, too, right? Revenue share for new visitors vs. returning ones went up to 23% (compared to 15% before the campaign).

5 days after launch, organic searches on Google spiked by 1,000%. The campaign generated 2,500 new unique visitors to the site a day. Sales of organic visitors grew by 300% and YouTube’s algorithm decided the commercial is so interesting, it started recommending it to viewers in the Watch Next section – giving us free media exposure.

Since people loved the hamsters and the song, we scrambled to quickly create more content they were asking for, like a 3 minutes long video. 50,000 people watched it in the first week, already.

But customer also joined in the creation. Making their own 10 hour video loop and other YouTube versions generating 100+k views in 10 days.

Then, there were 350k+ views of TikTok videos in response to our #dedoleschallenge followed up the same on Instagram.

To quote the client, three weeks into the campaign, “I’m worried we’ll sell out everything we’ve produced.”

Back for summer.

It didn’t take long for the follow-up campaign brief to arrive.

Our task: create a campaign that will promote ankle-length socks during sock-sale off-season and break through the reality of customers not having socks on their mind in sandals-weather.

Fall for underwear.

The fall season finally allowed us to introduce the hamsters the way they were originally intended – in realistic 3D animation.
And also a new product line – underwear.

We found inspiration in youtubers’ Morning Routine videos and once again the hamsters were responsible for a sales spike.

TonerPartner – Boring Products Deserve Fun Campaigns

TonerPartner’s campaign is a prime example of performance marketing being assisted by a brand campaign.

Because, no matter how great a brand campaign is, it won’t make you buy a toner, if you don’t need to replace it.

But once your toner runs out and you start googling for the replacement, brand awareness creates trust, which lowers your CPA.

Enter “Partner” – the character we created for TonerPartner to be their main distinctive brand asset along with a catchy tune and overall strong branding.

Isn’t it funny? The campaign, but also that the client was worried when briefing us that their products and business is too boring for an entertaining brand campaign.

MANA – The Liquid Food Juggernaut

Eating is chewing. Or so it was, in the past. MANA tasked us with challenging the universal conception that food has to be solid. We came up with the comms strategy insisting that MANA is actually absolutely normal food. And to make it fun to watch and hear, we wrapped it in a provocative question regarding the belief in evolution and food evolution. Top it off with a highly polished visual look and – voilà – you’re serving a YouTube ad that scores high on view duration despite its longer format.

In the second brand campaign we turned our focus on the perils of eating well today. The first commercial speaks to office workers, with followups targeting vegans and athletes.

Subway® – Quick, Nimble Campaign Counting 70+ Assets

Obviously, Subway did not reach out to us to create their first ever brand campaign.

But when they tapped us, they did not have a long-term creative strategy in place which is why they did fit our specialization perfectly.

The original brief was for a quick, nimble digital campaign to run in Slovakia.

We presented 6 concepts and the client picked 2. Instead of just producing them, we went back to work and found a way to synthesize into one creative concept.

Next thing we know, Subway’s business leaders in Poland and Romania wanted run the campaign in their markets, too. With even more countries requesting adaptation after the launch.

In total we produced a set of 70+ assets, all fully localized for the first 3 markets.

Not bad for a quick, nimble digital campaign for Slovakia.



Work, not talk.

We focus on doing real work, stuff that your customers will actually see.

Meaning, your advertising campaign assets.

Because we believe that’s what matters and you won’t get any results from spending most of your budget on all-day offsite workshops making scribbles on colorful post-its or deciding what your brand would smell like if it were a flower.



Since you don’t have a huge budget, we won’t use a huge team.

Let’s say our motto is “The few. The experienced. The fast.”


The term is long.

We know you need that first one campaign.

But we will think about your brand communication in the long term.

Because science.

Science found out brand communication is effective only if and when it is consistent over years. We’ll show you the graphs and numbers proving this, if you don’t believe. And we will create your first campaign in a way that clearly lays out how the second, third and 17th will work as well.


Factmarks, not lovemarks.

Yes, yes, back then, we loved that book, too.

But today we’re smarter and we now love books that have way more graphs, charts and data that support their claims.

Like this one and this one.

And we’ll build long-term brand assets based on what we know works, not what we think is cool.

Sounds reasonable?

Then, let’s talk:
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